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Feb 9, 2024 - Feb 9, 2024

Rise & Thrive - Part 2 - Understanding

  • 1Day
  • 2Steps


Workshop Title: Rise and Thrive Part 2 of 4: Understanding the Dynamics: Recognizing Individuals Engaging in Abusive Behaviors and Those Experiencing Emotional Abuse Description: In the second installment of our "Rise and Thrive" workshop series, we dive deep into understanding the dynamics surrounding individuals who engage in abusive behaviors and those who endure emotional abuse. This session seeks to shed light on the complex factors influencing both sides of the spectrum, fostering empathy and knowledge within our community. Participants will explore the characteristics and traits commonly associated with individuals who may exhibit abusive behaviors. By gaining insight into the root causes and patterns, we aim to create a foundation for constructive conversations on breaking the cycle of emotional abuse. Simultaneously, we'll examine the vulnerabilities and challenges faced by those who find themselves in emotionally abusive situations. Join us for an enlightening discussion that promotes understanding, compassion, and the tools needed to foster healthier relationships. Part 3 of "Rise and Thrive" will focus on effective coping skills, boundary setting, and communication strategies for breaking the cycle and building resilient connections.

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